We Are Black Women in Motion

This initiative provides an opportunity for young women in the community to get together in a safe, relaxed, fun and enjoyable atmosphere, where they can talk, explore, dream and plan for the future.

BWIM seeks to inspire positive change by giving young women between the ages of 15 and 24, the tools and support needed to achieve their personal and professional goals.

We strive to address the needs of young women who are unable to access activity programs due to limitations of income, location, culture, family, etc. by providing programming and mentoring, to help develop character, leadership, self-confidence and social consciousness.

We hope we will entice your appetite for community development and an interest in assisting BWIM in helping and advancing young women in the Black community.

I invite you to explore our programs in depth and to discover the wide variety of things that we do/offer to young women in the community as they make the transition from adolescence to adulthood.

We thank all of our sponsors and community partners for their unswerving support.

If you need additional information about BWIM, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at 647-448-2531or by email at info(at)blackwomeninmotion.ca at your earliest availability.

Monica Samuel
Founder, BWIM

Our Partners

For Youth Initiative

Our Trustee, For Youth Initiative (FYI) provides programs and services to teens and young adults living in low-income neighborhoods in Toronto, providing them with the tools and support needed to create successful futures. In addition, the Centre for Organizational Resilience (CORE) program at FYI provides training, skill development and networking opportunities to grassroots and youth-led organizations. CORE has helped develop and strengthen Black Women in Motion’s identity, strengthening our narrative of female empowerment and leadership that will live on forever.

Laidlaw Foundation

Established by Mr. Robert A. Laidlaw in 1949, the Laidlaw Foundation is focused on supporting youth–led community change, through direct grants and supports to youth groups and through the investments in youth social infrastructure. Laidlaw’s intent is to leverage the information gathered from its grantees and partners to inform policy makers and drive for changes that have long lasting, positive impact on the prospects for youth in our society.

Last year, the foundation’s pop-up grant for addressing the issue of rape culture and to raise awareness of consent culture resulted in the first This Means WAAR conference.

Toronto Community Housing Corporation

Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) has been a sponsor of Black Women in Motion since 2013. Our partnership with Toronto Community Housing enables Black Women in Motion to expand to more communities and neighborhoods, reach more participants and improve our program offerings.
TCHC is the largest social housing provider in Canada and the second largest in North America. More importantly, it is one of few organizations that works hard to bring more, and better engagement opportunities to young people to build education, employment, social and leadership skills development.

Black Creek Community Health Centre

BCCHC is a non-profit community based organization that provides health care services in a holistic manner and works with people to create safe and healthy communities. Our organizations values are well aligned, as we are each committed to inspiring youth everywhere, through programming and mentor-ship, to achieve their limitless potential.

Redemption Reintegration Services

With a common perspective of seeing youth as assets to society, and working to increase resilience, capacity and agency among youth, Redemption Reintegration Services (RRS) is a proud partner of Black Women in Motion. Redemption Reintegration Services grew out of the community it serves, working to provide youth offenders with the programs and services they need to become skilled, active and engaged members of the community.

St. James Town Community Corner

Black Women in Motion is proud to partner with St. James Town Community Corner (SJTCC). SJTCC offers an array of youth and resident programs and services. Based in 200 Wellesley, SJTCC is a multi-purpose community space and service hub that supports any opportunities to meet, plan and build a strong, healthy neighborhood. The partnership provides in-kind support, marketing and awareness and the opportunity to partner with its service providers.

Youth Opportunities Fund

City of Toronto

  • Access to Resources

    Young women require various support services and community resources to stabilize and maintain positive change in their lives; our responsibility is to advocate for expanded resources for their development.
  • Youth Development

    We value the growth and development of young people by providing a wide variety of enrichment activities, with the ultimate goal of giving young women the skills they need to thrive and succeed throughout their lives.
  • Healthy Living

    We offer young women a range of engaging and challenging experiences that encompasses and promotes healthier eating habits and physical fitness.

  • Partnering with the Community

    We like to leverage the power of partners’ insights, collaboration and delivering outstanding programming/workshops where we work together.
  • Caring and Respect

    We demonstrate compassionate support and concern for young women by providing continued support and advocacy for their well being and personal growth. We honour the uniqueness of the individual and have a profound respect for the diverse attitudes, opinions and values of our participants.