What do the programs offer?

Our programs focus on developing the skills and abilities needed by young people to become leaders in the community in ways that are meaningful to them by expanding upon essential life skills. These skills include:

  • communication
  • goal setting
  • teamwork
  • public speaking
  • conflict resolution
  • values and attitudes
  • problem solving

Through these programs, young people have the opportunity to meet new people and improve their leadership skills through engagement in a number of challenging indoor and outdoor activities.

We create a safe, secure and non-judgmental environment

Consider it a chill lounge, where women come together in solidarity and participate in activities and workshops that they want to; activities that encourage teamwork, bonding, confidence-building and personal growth.

All of our programs are free to attend

We provide TTC tickets/tokens and a meal as well as community service hours to satisfy high school graduation requirements, references and any additional support young women may need.