Volunteer with Black Women in Motion

Black Women in Motion is made possible by our hardworking and dedicated volunteers who ensure the success of all our programs, events and projects.

Volunteering is a rewarding, challenging and engaging way to give back to your community. By joining our team, you can gain valuable experience and use your leadership, interpersonal and administrative skills in any organization. Our volunteers:

  • Assist with our events and weekly/monthly programming sessions
  • Liaise with local organizations and grass-root groups
  • Support advocacy and fund-raising efforts
  • Work as social media specialists and bloggers
  • Educate and spread awareness about our message with the local community
  • Help out at our sites by providing data-entry, logistics and other administrative duties

Make a difference in your community today

  1. Start by contacting us and we will forward you our volunteer application form
  2. Submit your completed application form by email to the Volunteer Coordinator
  3. Upon receiving your application, we will add you to our roster of potential volunteers
  4. When volunteer opportunities become available, we will email you with the position description, qualifications and commitment required
  5. The Volunteer Coordinator or Program Director will contact you to arrange an interview
  6. Once selected for a position, you will be required to sign a volunteer agreement, attend training and orientation
  • “I was a member of Black Women In Motion’s Social Media Team in 2016. The web can have such a great impact on our generation. Being able to creatively reach a broad audience in a positive and resourceful way was a great experience.” – Kimone

  • “As a black woman, I wanted to contribute to an organization that represents and supports other people of colour.” – Selina